Maritime and Offshore.

Most of our projects for electrical engineering are in / or related to the maritime, naval and offshore industry. These vary from projects on the local shipyards to jobs on a (cargo)ship or at a harbor. We mostly look for shipyard mechanics or shipyard electricians, but we also do   look for panel builder electricians or commissioning engineers with experience in the maritime industry.

You can find the connection between the ocean, ship building and The Netherlands in our history books! We have been building the best ships and yachts for centuries now. The way we do it has changed a lot in the past decades though. 

A lot of systems and processes have been automated, which means that the construction work as well as the maintenance of the ships has changed. To do this job, a lot of professional electricians are necessary.

What are we looking for?

We are always looking for skilled shipyard electricians and service mechanics with experience in the maritime or offshore industry. Next to these jobs, we often need panel builders, cable pullers and commissioning engineers to help with a project as well. 

We have already worked on several shipyards for companies such as MSA, Bakker Sliedrecht, FMJ and Orga. Do you want to join our team? Please look at our vacancies and apply directly.

Pawel Roszczynialski Razvan-Ionut Corsei Lorin Mihail Iliuciuc Andrei Florin Marsavela

TPS heroes.

My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. One of the standout features of this company is their attention to the living conditions of their employees. TPS provided me with a really nice house, which greatly exceeded my expectations. It was not just a place to stay, but a comfortable home that allowed me to relax and focus better on my job.

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- Pawel Roszczynialski

(Panelbuilder Electrician)

TPS gives us enough guidance about work, they help us a lot.They welcomed us very well, they found a very nice job for me which is building electrical panels.

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- Razvan-Ionut Corsei

(Specialist Industrial Electrician)

TPS offered me a job very very fast, in just two weeks I started to work and the first job directly was a very good job.

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- Lorin Mihail Iliuciuc

(Specialist Industrial Electrician & Electrician Supervisor)

I found TPS via Google, I applied and after few hours TPS contacted me.I would recommend TPS with pleasure because it is a trusted company, they're open to talk and to help to have a nice and smooth life her in the Netherlands.

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- Andrei Florin Marsavela

(Specialist Industrial Electrician)