Renovating a (office)building always comes with a technical aspect. Most of the times, the electrical work and cabling is old or outdated. In several stages of the renovation, technical knowledge is required. Therefore, we are often called in to provide electricians or cable engineers.

When a (office)building is being renovated, the technical component is one of the most important things. During the construction work, the demand for an electrician comes and goes. That’s why a lot of companies choose TPS to provide them with the right professionals on a temporary basis. We are working for companies such as Klopman, TES Installatietechniek and Flexpool. 

What are we looking for?

It often happens that the same electrician is asked to come back for a different project or at another stage of the construction. Are you interested in a job in the utility industry in The Netherlands? Please apply to one of our vacancies!

Pawel Roszczynialski Razvan-Ionut Corsei Lorin Mihail Iliuciuc Andrei Florin Marsavela

TPS heroes.

My experience has been nothing short of exceptional. One of the standout features of this company is their attention to the living conditions of their employees. TPS provided me with a really nice house, which greatly exceeded my expectations. It was not just a place to stay, but a comfortable home that allowed me to relax and focus better on my job.

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- Pawel Roszczynialski

(Panelbuilder Electrician)

TPS gives us enough guidance about work, they help us a lot.They welcomed us very well, they found a very nice job for me which is building electrical panels.

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- Razvan-Ionut Corsei

(Specialist Industrial Electrician)

TPS offered me a job very very fast, in just two weeks I started to work and the first job directly was a very good job.

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- Lorin Mihail Iliuciuc

(Specialist Industrial Electrician & Electrician Supervisor)

I found TPS via Google, I applied and after few hours TPS contacted me.I would recommend TPS with pleasure because it is a trusted company, they're open to talk and to help to have a nice and smooth life her in the Netherlands.

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- Andrei Florin Marsavela

(Specialist Industrial Electrician)