TPS journey: Ashley.

Ashley’s Journey: South Africa to the Netherlands


We are thrilled to share the remarkable journey and success story of TPS employee Ashley Romer from South Africa. The employment of Ashley has been nothing short of inspiring, as his skills and his personality have played a pivotal role in shaping his professional growth.

Working for TPS in the Netherlands

Ashley’s journey started in South-Africa, where he worked as a joiner / production manager for corporate clients, meeting their high expectations on a daily basis. When the decision was made to move to The Netherlands, he arrived in Europe and was looking for work in the carpentry / joinery business. After working with other agency’s, doing not so challenging work, he contacted TPS, to see if we could find him a stable and challenging job, so he could start building his future in The Netherlands.

Then a torough intake was conducted, to see with which client his quality’s would fit best, we matched him with one of our clients, named Beerens Interiors. Beerens Interiors holds a very high standard in craftmanship and we knew right away that Ashley was the right man for the job. When joining the team, Ashley's passion for fostering a positive work environment and his continuous drive to excell was evident. 
He found the challenge he was looking for and kept raising the bar for himself.

Now, while he has been working for more then a year with TPS, his approach to work and his work ethics did not go unnoticed , as the client asked TPS if Ashley could become a part of Beerens Interiors for the future. We are excited for Ashley for his next step in his career and we wish him all the best in the future!

Ashley Romer

What kind of advice would you give to employees that just started their first TPS contract?

Ashley’s advice for stable work is to try to make yourself indispensable , be proactive and treat your colleagues with respect.