Out-of-hours medical assistance

Please make sure to check the information regarding medical emergencies at your accommodation. You can find this information on the TPS information brochure in the accommodation. Follow the indications there and contact the nearest doctor (general practitioner) and nearest out-of-hours medical posts.

Urgent Non- life-threatening medical assistance:

In the Netherlands doctors (general practitioners) work from: Monday to Friday (08:00hrs – 17:00hrs.).
If you need immediate medical assistance outside of opening hours there are general medical posts, or "huisartsenpost" as they are called, that you can visit.

Opening hours of "Huisartsenposten":

Monday to Friday (17:00 - 08:00hrs.)
Weekends and public holidays 24 hours a day.

When do you go to a "huisartsenpost"?

You can only visit "huisartsenpostens" in case of urgent medical care that absolutely cannot wait until the regular doctors (general practicioners) are open for patients.

IMPORTANT: in case of a life-threatening emergency always call 112

You can only visit a "huisartsenpost"after making an appointment. When you call to make an appointment you will be assisted by a specially trained employee (Dutch: triagist)

Have the following information ready:

  • Your own name or the name from the person requiring care and the relevant date of birth;- Residential address;
  • Insurance information;
  • BurgerServiceNummber (BSN-number);
  • Telephone number where you can be reaced.

Urgency assessment:

The triage specialist assesses the urgency of your help request and which care provider can best help you. Please be aware if he or she determines that the particular situation is not in emergency, no appointment will be made. 

During this telephone conversation you will be asked questions about:

  • Breathing, color and consciousness to rule out a life-threatening situation;
  • The reason for your contact with the out-of-hours GP service;
  • The nature of the complaints;
  • Medication use and medical history.

The outcome:

Depending on the situation, the triage specialist can:

  • Give an advice;
  • Tell you to see a regular doctor;
  • Arrange a consultation at your nearest out-of-hours medical posts.
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