TPS Hero Story.

TPS Specialist Panelbuilder Electrician: Pawel Roszczynialski

TPS provide really nice houses and  there is no trouble with contacting people from TPS for problems.
I would describe TPS as a company which is worth to work with.


Pawel came to TPS via one of our partner technical companies in Poland. He started as a Panelbuilder Electrician for TPS and has been working so ever since. For TPS he has been working for our client Van Meer Industrial Services. Working there in big TPS team of electricians. Pawel is hoping to settle in the Netherlands and find a stable contract here, we are convinced we can help him with that!

Watch the video below where Pawel shares his story and get inspired!

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TPS is continuously getting requests from clients and for this reason we are looking for good English speaking Industrial Panel building Electricians for a long term coöperation.

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